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Extend-A-FamilyHome introduction I took the lead in crafting a promotional video for a not-for-profit organization centered on fostering meaningful relationships and inclusion. After thorough research and collaboration, I scripted, designed…

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Nicole Miller Parfum Package

Nicole Miller Packaging

Nicole Miller PackagingHome introduction Designers rarely have the chance to collaborate with a perfume brand as prestigious as Nicole Miller. The design objective was to achieve simplicity while maintaining recognizability.…

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AstraZeneca Guides

AstraZeneca GuidesHome introduction Over the years of collaboration with AstraZeneca's internal communications departments, we've created numerous educational quick guides for their employees. Whether in print or digital format, each piece…

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Alfred Sung Perfume Package

Alfred Sung Packaging

Alfred Sung PackagingHome introduction "Purity" served as the guiding principle in crafting this packaging design. Drawing inspiration from the orchid, a primary ingredient in Alfred Sung's Pure perfume, the package…

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Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & JohnsonHome introduction Working with a renowned brand such as Johnson & Johnson has been a remarkable experience. Collaborating with specific departments, I had the privilege of designing their…

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Crawford & Company Digital Banners

Crawford & Company Digital BannersHome introduction Having collaborated closely with the Crawford team for an extended period, I played a key role in designing numerous social media assets tailored to…

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Crawford & Company Reports

Crawford & Company ReportsHome introduction Throughout my collaboration with the Crawford team, I undertook the development of diverse reports over the years. Each report was meticulously tailored and branded to…

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DFCMHome introduction The opportunity to create a promotional animated video for DFCM was incredibly thrilling! This project required weaving a compelling narrative that would captivate the audience. Utilizing clear infographics…

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